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Therapeutic Botox

This learning experience was developed for physicians who want to manage headache and other cervico-thoracic pain conditions with Botox

This training opportunity is aimed at the physician who wants to learn how to use Botox for chronic pain and dysfunction. We teach techniques for treating chronic migraine, TMD, neuropathic pain and myofascial pain. Our approach uses Botulinum toxins to facilitate biomechanical rehabilitation and direct neurovascular modulation. Injection techniques learned will include superficial muscle and neurovascular identification through digital palpation as well as ultrasound-guided deep cervico-thoracic injection techniques. You will also learn proper cosmetic injection protocols to ensure good aesthetic and functional results.

We offer two types of training opportunities. The first is one-on-one (or very small group) mentoring for a full day at the Toronto Headache & Pain Clinic, or training at your facility (popular with multi-practitioner pain clinics).

We can tailor this course to your needs.

For further details including cost and availability please contact us.

(289) 988-1946