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  Our course is designed for dentists practicing in Ontario. We teach only techniques which follow the RCDSO guidelines. We will teach you the cosmetic implications of injecting Botox for pain and dysfunction – we will not teach you how to inject for purely cosmetic reasons. You will learn how to inject fillers to plump lips which the RCDSO does allow.

The on-line portion of the course is intended as background to Botox and fillers for clinicians who are new to these products – it is optional and free for workshop registrants. It covers the essential pharmacology, physiology and indications to help practitioners take full advantage of the clinical applications of these agents. On completion you can download a certificate for 3 hours of CE. Doing the on-line lessons will fully prepare you for the hands-on workshop.


This 2 day course has been created with the GP in mind. It focuses on the procedures that are most often referred to Oral Surgeons including; complicated extractions, impacted wisdom teeth, ridge preservation techniques using platelet rich plasma and biopsies. The first day is primarily didactic, covering the fundamentals. The second day is a lab-based hands-on surgical skills workshop. (see below for details)

Course Details

Comprehensive Botox & filler Training
Hands-on Workshop – Botox and Juvederm Injection Techniques

  • The one day hands-on program will cover what you need to know to feel comfortable injecting Botox & Juvederm in your practice. During the morning we will review essential pharmacology, physiology, anatomy and the business of Botox/fillers.  You will practice product reconstitution, learn to choose the ‘right’ patients, identify injection landmarks, avoid pitfalls and deal with complications. After an early lunch you will practice injection protocols for conditions such as TMD, gummy smiles, secondary headaches, myofascial and neuropathic pain. You will ‘see’ the anatomy using ultrasound. You will learn how to get a good cosmetic result when injecting for these conditions. We will not teach you to inject for cosmetic reasons except for placing fillers in lips which falls within RCDSO guidelines. Our student to instructor ratio is typically 6:1 and there is ample opportunity for one on one learning. All our graduates receive a Certificate of Completion (having met the educational requirements set out by the RCDSO) We will also forward your name to Allergan which allows you to order product directly from them (the only way for dentists to get filler in Ontario).

    You may bring a couple of patients or staff members to inject. Staff members are also eligible for CE credit and may attend the afternoon at no cost, but must be registered by their dentist (please note we will not accept other dentists as ‘staff members’ or ‘patients’). We will provide enough Botox and Juvederm for you to gain experience in both types of injection. Many participants wish to be injected themselves which would be done by fellow participants under supervision.

    Participants must have malpractice coverage in Ontario.

    Cost:   $2999 CAD + HST (includes on-line component)      8 hours Cat 2 CE credit – 10 points for workshop, 3 hours Cat 2 CE for on-line.

    Next Course:  Saturday September 8th, 2018 

     Venue: Allied Centre for Continuing Dental Education, 660 Petrolia Rd., Toronto, ON M3J 3K4 (see map below)

    Course starts at 8:30 AM and finishes at 5:00 PM

    Participants must pre-register (no on-site registration)

    For more information call or email Janice (course coordinator) at (289) 988-1946 or



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Register For Workshop

Included in the workshop tuition is access to the on-line component, a syllabus, consent and treatment forms for your practice, supply list and where to buy, BotoxR and JuvedermR to inject your patients as well as lunch and refreshments.

We recommend that participants bring staff members or patients to inject.* It is important that you be able to follow the progress of your treatment. Your staff members are also your best patient teaching and marketing tool.  In situations where it is not possible for participants to bring a live subject, injections can be done on each other or patients are often shared between participants.  We will do our best to ensure that each participant is afforded the opportunity to practice each kind of injection. After successful demonstration of techniques you will receive a certificate, which attests that you have met the RCDSO educational guidelines.

*Please note that we will not accept another dentist as a ‘staff member’ or ‘patient’.

Workshop Location

Workshop Cancellation/Refund Policy: Pinnacle will refund tuition minus a $100 administration fee if request is received at least 14 days prior to scheduled course. Less than 14 days, 50% of tuition will be refunded or full tuition can be applied to a later course. 

Pinnacle reserves the right to change workshop dates, cancel workshops or change venue in which case registrants will be offered a full refund.


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Office Oral Surgery for the GP


  • Day 1:   Didactic

    Patient evaluation – what is a ‘high risk’ or ‘tough’ case? (medical history, clinical exam, xrays)

    Infection control – beyond antibiotics (pre-op infections, post-op infections)

    Bleeding – how much is too much? (extensive surgery, blood thinners)

    Pain – anesthetic techniques in the face of infection and trauma

    Common oral lesions – the 5 most common things your patients will want you to nip out

    Anxiolysis/sedation – adjunctive techniques to lower your patient’s stress and yours

    Instruments/sutures – choosing widgets that work

    Platelet Rich Plasma (Fibrin) – learn how and why PRP/PRF works


    Day 2:   Hands-On (lab)

    Instruments – making the most out of a set of simple instruments

    Turning complicated extractions into simple ones – a step by step approach

    Impacted Wisdom teeth – they only look difficult

    Alveoplasty – sculpt the ideal site for future restoration

    Biopsy – how to nip out tissue and send it off to the pathologist

    PRP/PRF – learn venipucture and harvesting techniques

    Socket grafting – best materials and techniques for different defects

    Suturing techniques – how to elegantly place sutures that stay put