Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register for the Courses Step-by-Step:
1) from the home page of the website click on ‘Select a Course’
2) you will now be on a page that has the ‘on-line introductory component’ up top – scroll down to the ‘Botox & Juvederm Injection Workshop’,
3) Just above the purple “Take Course” button you will see “Welcome visitor! – Please log-in or register to take this course”,
4) click on the ‘log-in or register’ words, this will take you to the log-in/registration page, (if you get an error message saying you need to turn on cookies – ignore it and press ‘log in’ again)
5) if you have not already set up an account (a user name and password) do so now by clicking on the word ‘Register’ below white log-in box (if you lost your password click on ‘Lost Your Password’) 
6) when registering please fill out the required boxes, check mark the ‘I’m not a robot’ and click register 
6) if you already have a user name and password enter them on the ‘log-in’ box, 
7) Once logged in you can go back to the page with ‘Botox & Juvederm Injection Workshop’ – click on the “Take Course” (green button) and it will transfer you to the PayPal site where you can choose ‘pay by Debit or Credit Card’ (second option in much smaller print)
8) Once registered PayPal will send you a confirmation (receipt) and we will  confirm as well.
Q: Can Ontario dentists inject Botox for cosmetic reasons such as forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet?

A: No, the RCDSO has clearly stated that Botox can only be used extra-orally for therapeutic indications. We will however ensure that you know how and where to inject therapeutically to ensure optimal cosmetic results.

Q: What can I use Botox for?

A: In Ontario dental practices Botox is most commonly used for parafunctional conditions such as TMD and bruxism, to protect immediately restored implants, to improve gummy smiles, for hypersalivation and for pain conditions such as myofascial pain, trigeminal neuralgia and atypical dental pain.

Q: Can Ontario dentists use temporary fillers such as Juvederm to plump lips?

A: Yes, the RCDSO considers the lips (bounded by the vermillion border) as part of the oral cavity.

Q: Can Ontario dentists inject Botox for primary headaches such as migraine?

A: No, the diagnosis of a primary headache falls outside of the definition of ‘dentistry’. Dentists can indirectly treat secondary headaches such as tension type headaches which are part of a TMD complex. The diagnosis and treatment however, are for TMD not specifically for the headache.

Q: Can I treat conditions such as wrinkles and migraine if I have taken a training course to do so?

A: Not in Ontario. To treat conditions outside of your scope of practice can leave you without malpractice coverage and open to disciplinary action by the College.

Q: What should I look for in a training course?

A: Look for a course that meets the RCDSO educational requirements, that has instructors with experience in the techniques you want to learn, that offers sufficient hands-on time to make you comfortable with the procedure and that will allow you to bring in your own patients and staff.

Q: What kinds of patients are best to bring to a training course?

A: The type of patients you are most likely to treat in your practice. Typically they are TMD/bruxism patients and patients who want their lips plumped. Ideally take a staff member to do lip injections on. They can learn with you and will be your best marketing asset when they return to work.

Q: Can I open an account with Allergan, Galderma or Merz to buy Botulinum Toxins or Filler directly?

A: Botulinum toxins can be acquired by writing a prescription or through the manufacturers directly.  Fillers can only be sourced from the manufacturer directly. Allergan will allow graduates of our course to open an account and buy product directly, Galderma is still reviewing their policy.