This course is an intensive full day workshop where you will learn both the necessary theory and the hands-on aspects of Botox and fillers. On completion of this course, you will get a certificate for 8 hours of CE  credit (10 points) as well as acknowledgement that you have met the educational requirements to safely and effectively use these techniques in your office.

Included in the workshop tuition are a syllabus, consent and treatment forms for your practice, access to the on-line component, Botox and Juvederm to do your injections as well as lunch and refreshments.

We recommend that participants bring staff members or patients to inject. It is important that you be able to follow the progress of your treatment. Your staff members are also your best patient teaching and marketing tool. In situations where it is not possible for participants to bring a live subject, injections can be done on each other or patients are often shared between participants. We will do our best to ensure that each participant gains experience in each kind of injection. After successful demonstration of techniques you will receive a certificate, which attests that you have met the RCDSO educational guidelines.

Next Course: September 8th, 2018 

Venue: Allied Centre for Continuing Dental Education, 660 Petrolia Rd., Toronto, ON M3J 3K4

To register please log-in first. For step by step instructions please see the FAQ page. If you do not get confirmation of enrolment or cannot get access to the on-line component please email us!

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